Former Replacements Frontman, Paul Westerberg, Drops New Song

After 2015’s Replacements reunion tour and 2016’s Wild Stab’s album featuring Julianna Hatfield, we’d been wondering when we’d next hear from former Mat’s frontman and Twin Cities native, Paul Westerberg. As it should so happen, over the weekend the punk rock/indie songwriting icon potentially dropped a brand new, hyper lo-fi new track called 2HAWK_1 on an ambiguous Soundcloud page with the current username, User 964848511.

As of now, not much is known about the track or whether or not it indicates that perhaps a new album or project is on the way for Westerberg. The Star Tribune, citing a 99.5% hypothetical probability that the track is actually from Westerberg himself, links to a website by the name of The GoDaddy hosted website currently only features an image of a bunch of sketches, a title that reads, “Welcome to the Garage,”  and an embed of the Soundcloud track, but no other information currently exists.

The oddly generic Soundcloud page currently only has 21 followers and none of them seem to be anyone of note, so it’s hard to verify if this is, in fact, a track from Westerberg, although upon listening, it certainly sounds like it could be him. Sounding as though it was recorded on some kind of old-school 4 track, the haunting guitar riff and the cryptic vocals all carry elements of Westerberg’s style while hiding behind a thick layer of distortion and home studio lo-fi quality.

So is Westerberg hinting at a new project? Does he have a new album in the pipeline? Give the track a listen below and let us know if you think this is in fact Westerberg or some kind of strange prank from an internet weirdo with a good Paul impression.

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