Local Super Chef Doug Flicker & Heggies Pizza to Join Forces

When it comes to the world of powerhouse team-ups, local barroom hero and Minnesota-based pizza maker, Heggies (pronounced hegg-ies, not hedge-ies), is swinging for the moon. In a recent announcement, Heggies Pizza will be partnering with local chef superstar, Doug Flicker, in an effort to create a whole new world of delicious pizzas.

Flicker is a multiple time James Beard Award nominee whose culinary work over the years helped to turn the Twin Cities into a national dining destination. While Flicker recently shuttered his flagship restaurant, Piccolo, he’s currently running the new widely acclaimed restaurant within the Walker Art Center, Esker Grove, along with his beloved beachside eatery, Sandcastle. Later this summer, Flicker and his wife/partner, Amy Greely, will be opening up a new local bar in South Minneapolis, called Bull’s Horn, in the old Sunrise Inn location.

According to Heggies press release, “Heggies and Flicker connected over their common dedication to innovation and passion for the food they create and, of course, each is quite fond of the other’s craft and committed history. It’s a union of their mutual appreciation of quality and creativity, and understanding their customers who want more.”

Heggies has been a Minnesota institution since 1989 when they started handcrafting their special brand of homemade pizzas and freezing them for local businesses. They’re now available in bars and retailers all across the state for all you ravenous pizza eaters out there. Devotion for the local frozen pizza brand runs deep, so much so, that an entire subreddit exists, with over 27,000 Minnesotan subscribers, on just where to find them.

Details on the specifics of the Heggies/Flicker partnership are still a bit scant, however, we’re being promised more details as the summer progresses. As for now, it sounds as though Flicker will help come up with a few new combinations which are certain to make hungry bar-goers happy and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on all of the new details as they unfold.

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