Minnesota State Fair Announces New Line-up of Tasty Adult Beverages

We’re hot on the heels of this year’s annual installment of the Minnesota State Fair and for months now they’ve been slowly teasing out all of the new arrivals. So far we’ve gotten the traditional list of new foods (which you can see here) and we’ve gotten the onslaught of new events and attractions (which you can read about here), but just this week we’ve been given the biggie. On Friday, the folks at the Fair announced this year’s line-up of new and returning adult beverages, which include several brand new beers from some of the Twin Cities best craft brewers.

As far as beer goes, we’re getting brand new brews from Bauhaus, Bent Brew, Bad Weather, Barley John’s, and Bent Paddle and that’s just the “B” section! We’ll also be getting some new suds from Insight, East Lake, Castle Danger and more. In particular, we’re really looking forward to test driving the Lingonberry Lager from 612 Brewing in Minneapolis. According to the fair’s description of this 5% ABV lager, it’s, “medium bodied and features both sweet and tart flavors thanks to this notoriously Scandinavian staple,” which sounds perfect for one of those long hot fair days!

Returning to the fair this year we’ve got some of the fun sweet brews like Big Wood Brewery’s, Chocolate Chip Cookie beer, Flat Earth’s, S’More beer, and Lift Bridge Brewing’s, Mini Donut beer. All classic fair flavors that quench both our love of local craft beer and our sweet tooths!

In terms of brash new flavors, there are definitely a lot of new things that sound WAY out there, but you know we’re going to have to try them all anyway. Barley John’s is brewing a Dill Pickle beer which the Fair’s description describes, “This American-style ale’s light malt notes give way to a bright minerality, dry hopped with fresh dill horseradish and spices. Each is garnished with a dill pickle and Havarti dill cheese,” which we have to admit, certainly sounds… interesting.

Insight Brewing is doing a fancy cucumber flavored beer called, Duke of Cuke, which could make for a hyper-refreshing new summer beer and the folks at East Lake are doing a sour style wheat beer that they’ve dedicated to late Minnesota Twin, Kirby Pucket, called the Kirby Pucker.

For all of you non-beer drinkers out there, there are a few new things for you too. Bad Larry’s, the locally made boozy cold brew, can be found at the Ball Park Cafe and the Hideaway Speakeasy is doing a cotton candy/sparkling wine infusion called the Cotton Candy Bubble Trouble. Lulu’s Public House will also be mixing up something called the “Ordinary Mary” which is, “a neutral still malt beverage (non-carbonated beer), placed into bottles, then poured into a 20 oz. glass mixed with LuLu’s own handcrafted bloody mary mix.”

Garnished with a celery stick and some lime, this hefty little cocktail rings in at a solid 8% ABV and would make for a solid addition to any Fair breakfast!

Here’s your full of list of all that’s new, what you can expect to see again, and where to get them, but let us know in the comments section below what you’re most looking forward to imbibing at this year’s Fair!

New This Year:

  • Adult Red Bull Slushie: LuLu’s Public House
  • Bad Larry’s Boozy Cold Brew: Ball Park Café
  • Bauhaus Brew Labs’ The Shandlot: Ball Park Café
  • Bent Brewstillery Hungarian Cherry Wheat Ale: Ball Park Café
  • Bent Paddle Mosaic Kanū: Ball Park Café
  • Coasters Beer Malt: Coasters
  • Cotton Candy Bubble Trouble: The Hideaway Speakeasy
  • Dill Pickle Beer: Giggles’ Camp­fire Grill
  • Duke of Cuke: LuLu’s Public House
  • East Lake Brewery Kirby Pucker: Ball Park Café
  • Grapefruit Ode IPA: O’Gara’s at the Fair
  • Lemon Sunshine: Mancini’s al Fresco
  • Lingonberry Lager: Coasters
  • Ordinary Mary: LuLu’s Public House
  • Raspberry Hard Cider: Giggles’ Camp­fire Grill
  • Red, Light and Blu Frozen Beer: Schell’s Pavilion
  • Summit Lazy Sipper: Shanghaied Henri’s and the Summit Booth


Returning Fair Drinks:

  • Caramel Apple π Cider Beer: The Blue Barn
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Beer: Andy’s Grille
  • Frontier Amarillo IPA: Frontier Bar
  • Frozen Red Citrus Sangria Beer: Schell’s Pavilion
  • Grain Belt Frozen Blu: Schell’s Pavilion
  • Lift Bridge Mini Donut Beer: Ball Park Café
  • Maple Bacon Brown: Giggles’ Camp­fire Grill
  • Original Beergarita: Tejas Express
  • S’More Beer: Giggles’ Camp­fire Grill
  • Socialable Candy Apple Hard Cider: Giggles’ Camp­fire Grill
  • Sweet Corn Summer Ale: O’Gara’s at the Fair
  • Sweetland Orchard Minnesota Mule Cider: Ball Park Café


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