Minnesota State Fair New Foods 2017: Bacon, Bacon, and More Bacon

The Minnesota State Fair is already right around the corner and this week we’ve got the rundown of all the new State Fair food stuffs available for the 2017 festivities and the keyword this year is definitely “bacon”. All in all, there are 31 new items, some of which we’re actually pretty excited for, but of those 31 dishes, at least 10 of them come jam packed with porky, bacony goodness!

A few of the baconiest things we’re feeling pretty optimistic about this year include the Italian Bomba Sandwich which features tender beer braised pork, prosciutto (basically bacon), fontina cheese, spicy giardiniera, and a creamy aioli on a toasted bun, the Memphis Totchos sound about as spot on as cheese and bacon smothered tots can get, but we’re really looking forward to the Swine & Spuds which feature fried mashed potato croquettes skewered together with bacon wrapped pork belly and then served with your choice of homestyle gravy, Korean bulgogi bbq, or sweet chili sauce. It wouldn’t be the Minnesota State Fair if we weren’t excited about something new, bacon wrapped, and deep-fried on-a-stick!

There seem to be quite a few new breakfast options at the Minnesota State Fair this year which should have all you egg-fanatics pretty happy. Dishes like Wild Bill’s Breakfast Bake, the Fall Guy Breakfast Panini, and the Breakfast Buddy Bowl all sound like pretty hearty ways to kick off your Minnesota State Fair morning good and proper. Of course there a lot of new sugary dishes up for grabs as well, including the Bowl O’ Dough, which is exactly what it sounds like; a big bowl of vicariously flavored cookie doughs served up sundae style. We’ve also got churros and a variety of other baked goods to boot, so have fun telling your dentists about all that!

On the gut-busting side of things (of which the State Fair always delivers), you’ll be able to find a Nacho Cheese Corn on the Cob. It’s not too often people try to improve on something as perfect as a buttery, grilled cob of corn from the fair, but this year you can get yours rolled in Dorito dust and then smothered in nacho cheese. There’s also a new variety of Swedish Meatball this year which contains wild rice and cranberries; those Minnesota Swedes are out of control!

Anyway, we’ve got the full rundown of dishes collected for you in a drool-worthy video below, otherwise, we’ve also got the full list with pictures and descriptions of all of the Minnesota State Fair new foods underneath that. Just click the image and it’ll tell all about the dish and where to get it.

If you’re feeling so inclined, make sure to drop a comment letting us know which of the Minnesota State Fair new foods you’re most looking forward to this year or which ones you’re most afraid to try!

Click on an image below to learn more about each item and where you can find them!

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