R.I.P. Haute Dish, Victory 44, Loring Pasta Bar and More

This weekend was a rough one for the Twin Cities restaurant scene as several big restaurants had to resort to closing their doors, many of them for good.

Just today rumors started swirling around online that one of Minneapolis’ early developers of our modern-cuisine-scene, Haute Dish, had closed. A quick call to the restaurant confirmed that and it absolutely breaks our hearts. Haute Dish was one of a handful of restaurants that helped to redefine and shape a budding Twin Cities culinary scene bringing a brand new take on comfort food that most hadn’t yet seen. Circumstances surrounding the closing aren’t yet clear, but our sincerest condolences to all of those that helped to run the restaurant over the years and the many great plates of delicious food that they served us.

In addition to Haute Dish, this weekend Victory 44 also quietly closed up shop. Another one of the Twin Cities modern cuisine forefathers and one of the (if not only) modern focused restaurants in North Minneapolis. For now, gone are the days of their well known “Perfect Burger” and their immensely popular “Devils on Horseback”, but then again, who knows? They could potentially pop-up again given that Chef Erick Harcey also announced that he would also be closing his other two restaurants, Uptown 43 and the Dirty Bird, and relocating Upton 43 to the North Loop neighborhood in Minneapolis. Apparently, there are also plans to bring back Dirty Bird at some point, but as of now, there are no specific details.

The folks over at City Pages are also reporting that Dinky Town’s, Loring Pasta Bar, has temporarily closed with employees having been told that they can pick up their final paychecks on “Tuesday”. There’s no word if “Tuesday” means today (08/01/2017) or next Tuesday (08/08/2017), however, what we do know is that the restaurant is now closed with no word on whether or not they’ll reopen. The Loring Pasta Bar originally opened all the way back in 2001 and had been a campus staple ever since.

It’s incredibly sad to see a lot of these restaurants go, but in keeping optimistic for the future, we’re excited to see where some of these amazing chefs, owners, and everybody else that helped to add to our amazing food community wind up in their next endeavors.

  • Marty Hillman

    Could this be due to minimum wage requirements in Minneapolis?

    • Drew Ailes


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