Robbinsdale’s, Pig Ate My Pizza, Named One of Food & Wine Magazines “Best Pizza Places in the U.S.”

If you’re one of those that tend to perpetually have your feelers out looking for great new pizza, you’ll likely know that the Twin Cities has been a fast up-and-comer in the national pizza scene. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a spike in outstanding pizzeria’s that tend to specialize in a variety of different pie types. From Punch Pizza’s classic Neopolitan, Pizzeria Lola’s modern classic neo-Neopolitan, DiNoko’s Chicago style deep-dish, and Mesa Pizza’s crazy take on New York-style slices, we’ve got ourselves a litany of amazing pizza options.

This was proven again this week as Food & Wine Magazine named Robbinsdale pizzeria, Pig Ate My Pizza, to their top 30 pizza places in America list. Pig Ate My Pizza is the pie-inspired brain child of the folks that run the nationally renowned modernist eatery, Travail, and like their flagship restaurant, they go all out when it comes to their pizza’s.

Pig uses a buttery, rich, brioche dough to start with, which automatically makes their pizzas unique in style, but their approach to the toppings are no less important to the success of their pies. As a scratch-made kitchen, they create everything in-house using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients whenever possible. Perhaps their best-known pizza, the Piggy Pie, starts with their signature deep-dish brioche dough and then gets topped with “pork lovers” sausage, pepperoni, and a bacon emulsion.

As for some of their more creative pizza’s, one needs to look no further than their, Hot Gandhi, which contains a house made chicken tikka masala and ricotta cheese which then gets topped with garlic confit, pickled red onion, serrano peppers, and cilantro and is served with a side of mint yogurt. Other fancy pies include the SeoulFull (a Korean BBQ inspired pie), the BoomTown (their take on a mushroom pizza), and the Bay O’ Pigs (a Cubano-style pizza).

According to Food & Wine Magazine, “This pizza spot in a suburb just outside Minneapolis pulls off its funky, unorthodox pies with brio. Crusts include thin and deep-dish brioche, and toppings range from pulled pork shoulder to potato chips.”

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