Twin Cities 2017 Movies in the Park Calendar

The weather is getting warmer and we’re all getting more and more anxious to bust out of the confines of our couches and to head out into the real world. Of course, spring and summer bring all kinds of amazing events, one of our favorites will always be the Movies in the Park series.

Also, this year it should be noted that Music & Movies in the Park is absolutely on point featuring an incredible mix of local artists tied into to some seriously big name movies. These are going to nights worth getting out for, so make special note of which movies come with a band and then prepare to show up early for an extra good time.

A quick pro-tip, if the movie title displays as red, you can click on it and it will take you to the event page for that movie. The event page will have more information, including directions to the park and if you’re a registered user, you can add the event page to your favorites list in order to help you remember when it’s coming up!

Both the Minneapolis and St. Paul parks boards put out great lists of modern and classic films to fill those gorgeous summers evenings and they’re always good for a quick family outing, a romantic date night, or even just a solo adventure into the wild. Either way, we’ve got the full list just for you, because you deserve it!

5/27/20179:15pmBack to the FutureComo DocksideNoSt. Paul
6/2/20178:00pmThe Lego MovieBaker Recreation CenterNoSt. Paul
6/3/20179:15pmBack to the Future IIComo DocksideNoSt. Paul
6/5/20179:00pmSullyBossen Field ParkNoMinneapolis
6/6/20179:00pmArrivalFather Hennepin Bluff ParkNoMinneapolis
6/6/20177:00pmArrivalFather Hennepin Bluff ParkFireFlyForestMinneapolis
6/7/20179:00pmThe Princess BrideMueller ParkNoMinneapolis
6/8/20179:00pmGravityVictory Memorial DriveNoMinneapolis
6/9/20179:00pmI Am LegendCedar Avenue Field ParkNoMinneapolis
6/9/20175:30pmMuppet Treasure IslandMartin Luther King Recreation CenterNoSt. Paul
6/10/20179:00pmNeither Wolf Nor DogLake Calhoun ParkNoMinneapolis
6/10/20178:00pmZootopiaHampden ParkNoSt. Paul
6/10/20179:15pmE.T.Como DocksideNoSt. Paul
6/12/20179:00pmThe Martian - Spanish subtitles, English audioBryant Square ParkNoMinneapolis
6/13/20179:00pmThe Never Ending StoryFather Hennepin Bluff ParkNoMinneapolis
6/13/20177:00pmThe Neverending StoryFather Hennepin Bluff ParkBen Cook-FeltzMinneapolis
6/13/20177:00pmThe Big GreenArlington Hills Community CenterNoSt. Paul
6/14/20179:00pmHidden FiguresPearl ParkNoMinneapolis
6/16/20179:00pm The SandlotKeewaydin ParkNoMinneapolis
6/16/20179:00pmStar Trek BeyondLake Harriet ParkNoMinneapolis
6/16/20177:00pmStar Trek: BeyondLake Harriet BandshellThe Morning KingsMinneapolis
6/16/20179:00pmJurassic WorldHidden Falls Regional ParkNoSt. Paul
6/17/20179:00pmTrollsSheridan Memorial ParkNoMinneapolis
6/17/20179:15pmStar Wars: A New HopeComo DocksideNoSt. Paul
6/19/20179:00pmPee Wee's Big AdventureArmatage ParkNoMinneapolis
6/20/20179:00pmCluelessFather Hennepin Bluff ParkNoMinneapolis
6/20/20177:00pmCluelessFather Hennepin Bluff ParkFistful of DatasMinneapolis
6/21/20179:00pmRogue One: A Star Wars StoryFarview ParkNoMinneapolis
6/22/20179:00pm42 - Spanish subtitles, English audioBrackett Field ParkNoMinneapolis
6/22/20178:00pmJumanjiEl Rio Vista Recreation CenterNoSt. Paul
6/23/20179:00pmHidden FiguresKenwood ParkNoMinneapolis
6/23/20176:30pmSingOxford Community CenterNoSt. Paul
6/24/20179:00pmSingWaite ParkNoMinneapolis
6/24/20179:15pmStar Wars: The Empire Strikes BackComo DocksideNoSt. Paul
6/26/20179:00pmTrollsAudubon ParkNoMinneapolis
6/27/20179:00pmTwin Cities Black Film FestivalFather Hennepin Bluff ParkNoMinneapolis
6/27/20177:00pmTwin Cities Black Film FestivalFather Hennepin Bluff ParkKashimanaMinneapolis
6/28/20179:00pmThe Princess BrideVan Cleve ParkNoMinneapolis
6/29/20179:00pmBack to the FutureLyndale Farmstead ParkNoMinneapolis
6/29/20178:00pmJawsRaspberry Island Regional ParkNoSt. Paul
6/30/20179:00pmSingin' in the RainLake Harriet ParkNoMinneapolis
6/30/20177:00pmSingin' in the RainLake Harriet BandshellKaty VernonMinneapolis
6/30/20178:00pmSingPalace Community CenterNoSt. Paul
7/1/20179:00pmJawsLake Nokomis ParkNoMinneapolis
7/1/20179:15pmStar Wars: Return of the JediComo DocksideNoSt. Paul
7/3/20179:00pmCaptain America: Civil WarNicollet Island ParkNoMinneapolis
7/5/20179:00pmHidden Figures - Spanish subtitles, English audioPowderhorn ParkNoMinneapolis
7/6/20179:00pmRogue One: A Star Wars StoryLuxton ParkNoMinneapolis
7/7/20179:00pmFencesLake Calhoun ParkNoMinneapolis
7/8/20179:00pmThe Princess BrideLynnhurst ParkNoMinneapolis
7/10/20179:00pmMrs. DoubtfireShingle Creek ParkNoMinneapolis
7/11/20179:00pmJumanjiFather Hennepin Bluff ParkNoMinneapolis
7/11/20177:00pmJumanjiFather Hennepin Bluff ParkSilverback TrioMinneapolis
7/12/20179:00pm42Hiawatha School ParkNoMinneapolis
7/13/20179:00pmFencesVictory Memorial DriveNoMinneapolis
7/14/20179:00pmZootopiaLake Harriet ParkNoMinneapolis
7/14/20177:00pmZootopiaLake Harriet BandshellJOURMinneapolis
7/14/201710:00pmTop GunHighland Park Recreation CenterNoSt. Paul
7/15/20179:00pmRogue One: A Star Wars StoryWindom Northeast ParkNoMinneapolis
7/15/20178:00pmThe Queen of KatweHampden ParkNoSt. Paul
7/17/20179:00pmSingFolwell ParkNoMinneapolis
7/18/20179:00pmInside OutFather Hennepin Bluff ParkNoMinneapolis
7/18/20177:00pmInside OutFather Hennepin Bluff ParkDead Kings of NorwayMinneapolis
7/18/20177:00pmThe Lego MovieWilder Recreation CenterNoSt. Paul
7/19/20179:00pmRaiders of the Lost Ark - Spanish subtitlies, English AudioCorcoran ParkNoMinneapolis
7/20/20179:00pmPanSibley ParkNoMinneapolis
7/20/20178:00pmFinding NemoRaspberry Island Regional ParkNoSt. Paul
7/21/20178:30pmSingNorth Dale Recreation CenterNoSt. Paul
7/21/20179:00pmMinionsPershing ParkNoMinneapolis
7/22/20179:00pmRogue One: A Star Wars StoryMatthews ParkNoMinneapolis
7/22/20178:00pmLego BatmanPalace Community CenterNoSt. Paul
7/24/20179:00pmSpace JamWhittier ParkNoMinneapolis
7/25/20179:00pmTwin Cities Black Film FestivalFather Hennepin Bluff ParkNoMinneapolis
7/25/20177:00pmTwin Cities Black Film FestivalFather Hennepin Bluff ParkCrooked DiceMinneapolis
7/25/20177:30pmLego BatmanHayden Heights Recreation CenterNoSt. Paul
7/26/20179:00pmCollateral BeautyElliot ParkNoMinneapolis
7/27/20179:00pmKubo and the Two StringsJackson Square ParkNoMinneapolis
7/27/20178:00pmSpace JamEdgcumbeNoSt. Paul
7/28/20179:00pmTop GunLake Harriet ParkNoMinneapolis
7/28/20179:00pmFinding DoryDickman ParkNoMinneapolis
7/28/20177:00pmTop GunLake Harriet BandshellThe FederalesMinneapolis
7/28/20176:00pmFinding DoryNorthwest Como Recreation CenterNoSt. Paul
7/31/20179:00pmSpace JamLogan ParkNoMinneapolis
8/1/20179:00pmPassengersFather Hennepin Bluff ParkNoMinneapolis
8/1/20177:00pmPassengersFather Hennepin Bluff ParkAnnie & the Bang BangMinneapolis
8/1/20177:00pmThe Queen of KatweHancock Recreation CenterNoSt. Paul
8/2/20179:00pmFinding DoryLinden Hills ParkNoMinneapolis
8/2/20178:30pmThe Secret Life of PetsHomecroft ParkNoSt. Paul
8/3/20179:00pmSingBottineau ParkNoMinneapolis
8/3/20176:00pmMoanaMerriam Park Recreation CenterNoSt. Paul
8/4/20179:00pmSweet LandLake Harriet ParkNoMinneapolis
8/5/20179:00pmSecret Life of PetsVictory ParkNoMinneapolis
8/7/20179:00pmWilly Wonka & The Chocolate FactoryBohanon ParkNoMinneapolis
8/8/20179:00pmThe Good LieFather Hennepin Bluff ParkNoMinneapolis
8/8/20177:00pmThe Good LieFather Hennepin Bluff ParkStone Arch Jazz BandMinneapolis
8/9/20179:00pmGhostbusters (1984)Kenny ParkNoMinneapolis
8/10/20179:00pmMoanaVictory Memorial DriveNoMinneapolis
8/10/20178:00pmStorksRice Recreation CenterNoSt. Paul
8/11/20179:00pmDrop Dead GorgeousLake Harriet ParkNoMinneapolis
8/11/20176:30pmMoanaLangford Park Recreation CenterNoSt. Paul
8/12/20179:00pmGhostbusters (2016) - Spanish subtitles, English AutioPhelps Field ParkNoMinneapolis
8/12/20178:00pmSingHampden ParkNoSt. Paul
8/14/20179:00pm42Painter ParkNoMinneapolis
8/15/20179:00pmLa La LandFather Hennepin Bluff ParkNoMinneapolis
8/15/20177:00pmLa La LandFather Hennepin Bluff ParkThe Dirty BanksMinneapolis
8/16/20179:00pmMoanaRev. Dr. Martin Luther King Recreation CenterNoMinneapolis
8/17/20179:00pmFerris Bueller's Day OffBeltrami ParkNoMinneapolis
8/17/20178:00pmKubo and the Two StringsDayton's Bluff Recreation CenterNoSt. Paul
8/18/20179:00pmGrumpy Old MenLake Harriet ParkNoMinneapolis
8/18/20178:00pmToy StoryLindwood Recreation CenterNoSt. Paul
8/19/20179:00pmSingMcRae ParkNoMinneapolis
8/21/20179:00pmHidden FiguresNorth Commons ParkNoMinneapolis
8/22/20179:00pmTwin Cities Black Film FestivalFather Hennepin Bluff ParkNoMinneapolis
8/22/20177:00pmTwin Cities Black Film FestivalFather Hennepin Bluff ParkRay CovingtonMinneapolis
8/23/20179:00pmFencesCentral GymNoMinneapolis
8/23/20178:00pmSingMcDonough Recreation CenterNoSt. Paul
8/24/20179:00pmE.T.Morris ParkNoMinneapolis
8/24/20178:00pmE.T.Groveland Recreation CenterNoSt. Paul
8/25/20179:00pmThe Mighty DucksLake Harriet ParkNoMinneapolis
8/25/20176:30pmStorksBattle Creek Recreation CenterNoSt. Paul
8/26/20179:00pmSecret Life of PetsBryant Square ParkNoMinneapolis
8/29/20176:30pmFerris Bueller's Day OffHigland PoolhouseNoSt. Paul
8/31/20178:00pmPirates of the Caribbean: Cures of the Black PearlRaspberry Island Regional ParkNoSt. Paul
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