Zen Box Izakaya: The Art of Ramen [VIDEO]

Ramen in the Twin Cities has become a big deal and while it maybe hasn’t quite swept its way out into greater Minnesota as of yet, odds are, it’ll start showing up sooner than later!

While here in the Midwest, the art of ramen has been regulated down to lame, freeze dried packets of noodles that sell for around $.30 each, while in Japan and the rest of the world it’s a fast service, gourmet style cuisine that’s often put together with a lot of love and care.

Chef John Ng, of Minneapolis’ beloved, Zen Box Izakaya, one of the city’s premier ramen shops, talks about how his past as an architect and love of visual art transformed how approaches the creation of his many incredible ramen specials. Check out this video below which features Chef Ng explain his transformation from architect to ramen chef and how elements of both overlap with one another.

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